We are not Anti-Nature!

The LGBTQ (Lesbian-Gay-Bisexual-Transgender-Questioning) community and their relationships have continuously pertained to the taboos in the society since the historical times and have faced suppression and penalisation against their very basic nature and this is to such an extent in some Indian societies that some families ask these genders for getting medical help of getting relieved of being a different gender. Also certainly many aspects of such forms of human gender were considered as flawed under Section 377 of IPC which criminalized private homosexual acts between adults.

But as they say, “One thing you cannot control is nature” and this very nature of being in LGBTQ community and getting accepted in society has bloomed with time in the form of protests and retaliation against various suppressions for something which should have come to them as their fundamental right to live a life as per their choice and not as per the social stigmas, status quos etc.

Things like acceptance to change have always been hard for humans but they certainly cannot deny it as it is the only constant thing in this world. Globally in many countries, the same-sex relationships are getting promoted in accordance with giving these people an equal social status of living like other genders. The approval for change in the mindset of people and law regarding the LGBTQ’s seems to take a leap forward in India also as states like Maharashtra are now in favour of same-sex marriages and the issue has become successful in grabbing the attention of supreme court to pass a verdict as to whether or not strike out section 377 of IPC.

If the verdict comes in favour of the section it would generate a ray of hope in the LGBTQ’s that they too can sustain a normal and humane life and if not then also it would generate a statement that though the country has been free for more than 70 years now still some lives have to bear the pain of captivity of their very own self.

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