World’s Most Beautiful Floating City – Venice

Venice or the world’s most beautiful floating city is located amidst a platoon of 118 small beautiful islands that are separated by canals and linked to each other by 400 bridges forming an archipelago paradise sitting within the shallow waters of the Venetian lagoon. The city of bridges is home to some of the most traditional designs and a beautiful touch of the modern interiors.



The city not having a tenacious evidence of the earliest form of civilization relies on the traditional and historical records for its history. According to these records, the earliest form of civilization in Venice was by the Roman refugees from the neighboring cities of Padua, Aquileia, Treviso, Altino, and Concordia. Other historical records of the city also stated that the earliest form of civilization could be the traced all the way back to the 5th century when the people took resort from the barbarian invasion in a little island situated in a lagoon in the North of Italy. The main occupation of the citizens and the city started off being that of fishing and salt trading. According to local legends it was only in the 7th century when the city gained its individual and independent power from Byzantium and owing to its geographical location, the city began to carry out expansionist policy, made military campaigns and made commercial agreements and strategic moves.



The culture of the city of bridges is very poetic, charming, literate and romantic. The city owing to it charming nature has often been inspiration for various world- renowned playwrights, poets, and authors like‘Merchant of Venice’ by William Shakespeare, ‘Voltaire’s Candide’ and ‘Anne rice’s cry to heaven’ to name a few. The city is also Italy’s fashion capital and a strong contender for Paris in terms of wealth, architecture, luxury, sophistication, trade, style, and design.

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The floating city mainly offers its tourists to ride in canals on long stream-lined boats called as gondolas. The gondolas are the most thrilling and romantic means of transportation, they are the symbol of Venice which has imprinted an image of Venice on the world. The city also houses UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE. Other than that the city provides one with a relaxing and charming environment to rejuvenate.

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In all the city of Venice or the “world’s most beautiful floating city” is one of a kind and must be visited at least once, the city would not only relax one but also connect its history, culture, and style personally with an individual.

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