Will It Be A Back To Back Win For India, Again?

Year’s 1999 and 2000 witnessed the back to back win of India in Miss World beauty pageant. In the year 1999 Yukta Mukhi became the 4th Indian to win the Miss World crown and again the next year 2000, Priyanka Chopra became the 5th Indian to keep the crown in India. After 17years, in the year 2017 Manushi Chiller became the 6th Indian to bring back the crown. India also is the country with the highest Miss World crowns. Will the back to back win for India again be possible this year?

Anukreethy Vas who is the Indian delegate for  Miss World 2018 has already reached Sanya, China. Before leaving she said, “Being called Miss India is a matter of great pride because people there won’t call me as Anukreethy Vas but India, so that is in itself a matter of pride. Representing 1.3 billion people and being their voice makes me so proud.”

Talking about her Miss World competition, Anukreethy shared, “I’m really confident about this journey because all these months we’ve been working and we’ve given all that we have, we’ve put in all the efforts and hard work and now the journey is just to showcase what you have learned and showcase what you’ve got in all these months. Moreover, I am very confident because it’s not just me who worked but a whole lot of team and so many people’s hard work has been put in so I’m really confident so, let’s hope for the best. Fingers crossed.”

When asked about the pressure she said, “I feel less pressure because it is a new year, new delegate, everything is new, the pageant in itself is looking for a new girl. Manushi Chhillar has set the standard so high so the expectation of everyone, every pageant fan has gone really high and I thrive when the stakes are high.”


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