What new to expect from Android P?

Since the beginning of the android era, the names of the new updated version of the OS has always been quite catchy.

For all the devices currently running the latest android Oreo (8.1), the new android P update will be a big leap in perspective of user interface and AI data processing.

So while you’re waiting for the new android update for your smartphone, here’s a brief summary on the things you can expect from the new update.

  • Changed Navigation Bar

The new android P has the biggest changes in the navigation bar. With updated gestures for navigation, the home button is now been replaced with a pill shaped icon at the bottom of the screen. There are also more ways to customize the navigation bar for example, the colour of the navigation bar can be changed from ‘static’ to the ‘active app’.

  • Dashboard

It’s a new feature which helps the user track the amount of time spent on using the phone. It tracks the time spent on sending messages, surfing the internet, watching videos, etc.


  • AI Based Brightness

The adaptive brightness uses artificial intelligence to track the user preferred brightness level and adjust the screen brightness automatically according to the lighting condition.

  • Improved Notifications

Google has been working hard on how to make notifications more useful. With the new android, the notifications are more organized and the company recently launched an initiative called ‘Reply’ which shows smart replies for the notification of the messaging apps.

  • Gestures

With the new iPhone X having full gesture navigation control, the Android P also brings a host of new gestures.

  • Multi-camera support

The new android P is bringing on this new feature where both the camera lenses can be used simultaneously to capture images (like the Nokia Dual Sight). The feature will be made available on a wide range of smartphones.

  • Battery Life

Unlike the previous android versions, the power saver doesn’t only apply when the battery is at 15% but it can be enabled when at 70%. The adaptive battery feature also saves the battery depending upon the usage and restricting the background app usages.

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