What are your Winter Cravings?

Winter is round the corner and the season is waiting for the folks to extend the warm welcome towards it. Though this season drives some very severe period of time with itself but not to sideline the joyful destination it brings along. Everything of casual life takes a U-turn and grows over, from food to fashion. In fact, the air-conditioners are replaced by heaters and ice tea demands to be replaced by a creamy coffee. Let’s confront few of the cravings of this season and find a suggestion if any required.



Winter really gives you the best of tastes but,you should never to ignore your health. Some of the items to be consumed in winters are – 1) SOUP  2) DUMPLINGS 3)COFFEE/TEA.


Chinese food is highly recommended as it is rich in protein as well as carbohydrate.  Non-veg is preferable if you are a non-veg, however protein rich soya and pulses are a good substitute in vegetarian cuisines. The seasonal vegetables and fruits are a must, ranging from cauliflower to oranges. Liquids are highly required by the body so, always include a high amount of liquid-intake in the diet.



One misconception that workout is not meant for winters, should be wiped off, as workouts create greater results in winters itself. The only effort required is to get out of your blanket and step out, perhaps it takes only a step to awaken the motivation within.

Some effective winter workouts:

Cardio (jogging)

This is by far the best kind of exercise one can undergo in winters as it helps in keeping the body active, prevents obesity and keeps lethargy away. It is also recommended before stretch and body training. Perhaps the best weapon to fight laziness in winters.


Stretching/ Yoga

In winters, one of the grievances in fitness is the rigidness or less mobility of the muscles. Due to the heaviness, the muscles mainly loose its flexibility and range of motion, so stretching or yoga is highly recommended to maintain the mobility of the body. Secondly, as usual, stretching is even recommended before workouts so as to prevent cramps or muscle pull.

fitness traning

Body Training/ Muscle Training

Well, this is the kind of workout which will maintain your figure all winter. You just need to do a little and the results will be tremendously good. However, too much of this workout should be prevented but with regular gaps and a standard turn, there is no harm.

muscle training

So, move out of your quilts and work against the intake of yummy delicious winter cuisines.



My goodness, the another best thing winter brings with it is the range of clothes and footwears . The simple jeans and t-shirt of casual life is so beautifully seasoned with jackets, sweaters, overcoats, caps, mufflers, scarves, boots, shoes, gloves, wrist bands, hair bands and so on. Literally this is the perfect time to show the materialistic beauty one imposes. Just dress up and dress up from top to bottom, no one bothers to see your body type when your outer appearance is so wow.



Winter witnesses two of the global festival period, which seeks the attention of global joy and love. Yes it is the assistant to Christmas and New Year, so no question about the level of excitement that will prevail in this season. It is the period of doing nothing but just enjoy and having a global attention this festivity is even accompanied by long holiday schedules.

santa claus

So what is the wait for put on your best , enjoy the taste and don’t let this festival occasion go to waste. Indeed we see that winter is so complete in its formation and so does it give a complete sense of feeling to all who choose to enjoy every gallop of its taste. So keep up the festive spirit and just set your foot to enjoy because Santa Clause is coming to town.











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