Unleashing innovations of fantasy

Everyone has his own world of fantasy. How you bring it to this verity, matters.

As the name suggests, we talk about ‘augmented’ reality. With AR , we ‘value the reality’.

We realize, often VR & AR are confused. Let’s make it clearer.

For an instance, I wish to give a small presentation of my car. I display picture of the same in front of the audience sitting in the auditorium of a distant premises. Thus I brought my virtual car inside 20X20 dimensional reality. This corresponds to VR.

Now, if I tend to rotate my car, open the door and look at the speedometer while sitting right inside the same walls; that constitutes the AR.

AR is not only used on the professional grounds, but everywhere. Probably now, we see only a limited areas, but the applications are huge. Right from the video games to the conferences, AR is vital. Talking about AR, future aspects have no end, the benefits are indetermined and importance is huge.

1) Communications

We can have real time collaborations of 2 experts sitting in remote offices. The benefits of this need not be listed as they cover time, transportation and monetary charges.

2) Free hands

The technicians get the ability to carry out hands free collaborations while working.

3) Remotely expertised

The technicians can seek help from an offsite expert while depicting that which they are actually seeing.

4) access to a diagnosis

The users can learn all the tasks related to their target, watch tutorials and have real time data from back end system.

5) Automobiles

The “presenting of product” becomes more convenient when it comes to the display. Everybody would love to sit on that driving seat with just the eyes working.

6) Manufacturing

Real life gives nominal chances of “trying before implemetation”. Well, AR gives numerous to the manufacturing unit. The process can be well understood with more clarity when we look at it, rather than just imagining and making blunders later.

Thus we conclude that AR basically creats an interaction in the virtual world. It is mere not about seeing some nuts and bolts; rather it is about actually witnessing them.

It is not the time we say ‘the mankind needs AR’ ; rather the world would change to one soon.

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