The World’s Most Wired City – Seoul

Seoul or the world’s most wired city is the capital and the cultural, economic and the political hub of South Korea. It is a city conjoined with the Han river found in the north-west part of the country. The city is contemplated as a stellar and a rising global city and is the 4th largest metropolitan economy the city has been ranked as the second most livable city in Asia. Seoul is also home to the headquarters of some of the major technology hubs, making the city a tech capital.

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The earliest civilization in Seoul known to man is around 4000BC alongside the Han river. Since then the city has been tampered with and remodeled several times, especially after the Korean War, when the city turned into crumbs and was left in void and oblivion. After the war, the city’s only goal was to transform into a modern city of skyscrapers and become the political, economic, and the transportation hub of North- East Asia. Like a lotus budding from dirt, Seoul has blossomed to be the largest metropolitan city from the ruins of the post-war.

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One of the most enduring and abiding qualities of the Korean culture is to be in harmony not only with ourselves and people close to us but to society and the community in whole. People there follow their ideal mannerisms and have given importance and priority to the well- being of the community before their own. They provide one with a warm welcoming feeling and leave no work undone when it comes to catering to a guest. This is what acts like a magnet and persuades its visitors to visit the city again and again and each time being welcomed by a homely feeling.

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Seoul proudly houses five UNESCO world heritages: Changdeok Palace, Hwaseong Fortress, Jongmyo Shrine, Namhansanseong and the Royal Tombs of the Joseon dynasty. The mentioned monuments are outstanding and exemplary examples of the architecture of South Korea, and till date, one can find the history being alive in the hearts of the mausoleums. The city also consists of museums and parks. Currently, there are 115 museums in the city of Seoul, each representing a different theme and art. The city also has religious monuments ranging from churches and cathedrals to Buddhist temples. One other thing that the city is famous for are its peaceful and tranquil parks. Despite the city’s overpopulation, Seoul has a large number of parks where people can trek, go for a walk or just spend time with friends and families. The city is also home to one of the world’s largest indoor park.

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In all the world’s most wired city has it all from the tall sky- scrappers to head offices of multinational tech companies to historical and religious monuments to tranquil parks. The city is a one-stop hub for all needs be it from spending some time with friends and family or working or just being with one’s self, the city will always welcome everyone with a warm and welcoming feeling.


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