The Problem Solver

Technology, one of the fastest growing factors in the world. It can be defined as the entities which increases the speed of solving the real time problems. It has significantly changed over past fifty years. The technology has increased in many fields like engineering, medical and all the applicable fields responsible in problem solving. Few main breakthroughs in technology are Artificial Intelligence, Genetic Fortune Predictors, Artificial Embryos.

When speaking about technology we mainly consider the robots, advanced weapons, etc. The technology plays a crucial role in real time problem solving methodology by improving the effective power of the machine by reducing the cons of the machine. Speaking about specific breakthroughs, Artificial Intelligence one of the advanced and a major breakthrough in technology. AI is the set of programs that tell the machine to perform certain task bypassing the human activity. Artificial Intelligence analyze its environment and take actions that maximize its chance of successfully achieving its goals. In common terms it usually mimics the human mind which is used in performing a task. This term is mainly used in the gaming sector, in which the actions of the opponent character or computer character are controlled using the AI.

Another major Breakthrough is “Genetic Fortune Predictors”. These predictors use the DNA of the child and predict about the medical problems which a child could face in future. This predictor can predict about the IQ level of child, Cancer, Heart Attack a child could face in future. Presently these predictors are not being used in many of the hospitals due to the lack of perfection factor.

Dueling Neural Networks” is another miracle in the medicine field which can draw or represent the imagined ideas of human being on hard copy. This breakthrough of technology is used in self driving cars. These generate the images of human by itself and create illusionary vision of the routes which a car need to follow. Hence these could be the future of transportation.

As the needs of human beings are increasing day by day, the technology is being upgraded as fast as possible which increases the speed of doing the work faster. The electronic technology is just growing faster and faster, even a small smartphone can do the work which a personal computer is capable of. The recent smartphones released have the advanced processors and have great ram storage area embedded in them and they also have high amount of storage area.


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