“To those accustomed to privilege, equality feels like oppression”. This quote explains a great deal about why the world functions in the way it now does. It explains why gender always trumps every small aspect of our lives.

The need for feminism or any other movement for equality arises at when uncontrollable aspects of a person’s life such as gender, race, sexuality act as a tool for measuring their worth and respect. Feminism speaks for people who have been and who will be cast aside in the future because they were born as the ‘weaker’ gender. It helps to break those glass ceilings-transparent but difficult to break above all the women and let them achieve their dreams.

Feminism tells people all around the world there is nothing wrong with ‘being feminine’ or ‘doing it like a girl’ and helps women and girls all around the world to embrace who they are. It asks everyone to strip the heavy layers of misogyny and sexism and see each other as an equal. So let us all try to be a little more human and little less of what we were taught to be.

It’s our duty to raise little girls with dreams because they then become women with a vision powerful enough to change the history!


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