The Largest City Of India – Mumbai

Mumbai the commercial and the financial capital of India is a microcosm in itself. Being the hub for finance, trade, tourism, history, art, culture and entertainment, the city of “Bombay” is a perfect blend of the country. The now metropolitan city is an amalgamation of seven islands which were home to the Kohli(fisherman) community. The city of Mumbai is also one of the top ten cities for commerce and finance. The city’s business and job opportunities and the promise of a higher and a better standard of living are what attracts migrants from different parts causing the city to be a melting pot of different cultures and traditions.

Mumbai City


The story of “Bombay” started off when the seven islands were brought together by the East India Company and when these seven islands were transformed into docks and ports. These ports in turn attracted industries and entrepreneurial communities after which industries were established which then attracted migrant workers from rural areas. This chain of transition and refinement completely distorted and modified the scattered, puzzled islands into one of the largest hubs of trade and business.

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The culture of the metropolitan is an avowal melange of food, traditions, art, cinema, festivals, and languages. Being a meeting point of various cultures and traditions with different ethics and values, the metro city is a hybrid and a mixed bag of different cultures. The city promises one a fast-paced, high adrenaline and a foot-tapping lifestyle wherein being taking a modern stand, the ludicrous notions of the caste, creed or the color of the people take a back seat. The culture of the city is what provides the punctual city with a magnetizing, and the happy go lucky attitude. The culture of Mumbai is what compels visitors to visit the city more than its picturesque tourist spots.

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The city has been awarded the UNESCO World Heritage Site. From hippy streets to street shopping for the fashion eccentric, to the beauteous Taj hotel, to the historic Gateway of India, to serene gardens, the city possesses all the attributes of being the crown jewel city. From providing one with high class dining in one of the world’s finest restaurants, to also serving local street food, to shopping at high end boutiques, to street shopping while bargaining, to sitting in luscious green gardens, to sitting next to the sea listening to the crash of the waves against the wall, the city will provide one with all the experiences of a lifetime.


In all Mumbai is a city that belongs to nobody and belongs to everybody.

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