Imagine This:

The clock struck midnight, Cinderella has to run away and so does Google. What if Google decides to put on her running shoes and suddenly our worst nightmare comes into play? Google Drive, Google Voice , Google Scholar is no more. Nothing will rush to your aid as soon as you want to know the meaning of a name and where would you find a 100 options to download your favorite movie at the highest possible speed?

CMOs would wind up distracted as the entirety of their Ad-Words campaigns have gone to a dramatic stop. Partnerships are losing millions consistently in income, while private companies are thinking about shutting everything down.

No Android telephone is working, and individuals can’t comprehend the issue. They simply need their telephones to work. Then, Samsung, HTC, LG and other telephone producers halt as individuals battle to make sense of why the operating system won’t work. In a split second their most profitable item is non-existent. Benefits dive as the suicide rate skyrockets.

This great tragedy would take time to seep into our veins. And when it does, the realization dawns. There is no longer anyone to answer The secret of life or How to bake a cookie? It’ll be a mayhem all over the world. The search engines would be used to derive ways to bring back.

We Are Handicapped Without Google.

Handicapped but not Dead.


As it is our mitochondria powerhouse, the Internet without it is difficult but possible. Cut off from the source of power, we shall seek alternatives.

Years ago James Thomas, a web engineer, overpowered by Google, blocked it both at work and home. He directed it to hava e name to in his “hosts” record. He introduced AdBlock programming and sifted through each Google-claimed domain name he knew about. It worked. “Without AdSense and Google Analytics javascript executing (and downloading) on a few pages, the whole Internet encounter is a great deal… speedier,” he said. The search engine Yahoo managed to satisfy his needs.

Google Search engine can still be substituted by other search engines, but one of the most Difficult aspect of having no Google shall be navigation, every car navigation system would need to be rebooted, finding an alternative to Goggle Map would be extremely difficult.


Truthfully, it is difficult to think about every one of the ramifications of a world without Google. It is so inculcated in every aspect of our being that imagining a world without it s downright impossible. Be it in looking for that one particular song whose chorus is the only thing we can recollect or that particular brand of Cookies that remind us of Grandma’s freshly baked ones.

It’s the way we accomplish a million different things that my mind neglects to recall or even fathom that improves our lives one way or the other.


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