The Best Street Foods in Kolkata

Kolkata, also known as the city of joy is the most loved destination for all food lovers. Kolkata is the cultural capital of India and is not only famous for its out and out posh Restaurants but, is also equally loved for the rich variety of amazing and mouthwatering street food that it offers. Kolkata is a hub for the most delicious and drool-worthy street food that one can think of. Here is a list of the most famous street foods that one should try while on a visit to Kolkata.



This is the dark horse of Kolkata’s street food menu. They are round and crispy balls ofhollow puristuffed with potatoes and a variety of spices which makes it almost irresistible.

It strikes the right balance of mashed potatoes, a combination of spices, chickpeas, pickled water, lime, chili and chaat masala which make it an ultimate bliss for foodies.


Best places to try: Park Street, Vardan Market, Esplanade, Gariahat and New Alipore.


This could be named as the perfect go-to snack and is available at almost every turn in Kolkata,thereby making it the snack which can satisfy your craving anytime.

It is a well tossed mixture of puffed rice, onions, chilies, tomatoes, coriander peanuts and chutney, as it is not required to be fried it is a very healthy option to munch on.

street foods

Best places to try:  Esplanade, Maidan, Saltlake Sector V, Triangular Park and Girish Park.

Butter Fish Fry

Kolkata is very popular for this street food, even though it is an out and out fried dish you will not mind gorging on it as it tastes heavenly.

This gives your taste buds the most amazing treat that they deserve. There are various well known places to try this dish.


Best places to try: Hazra and Golpark crossing.

Kathi Roll

When talking about the best street food of Kolkata we cannot miss the mention of the famous Kathi rolls. Kolkata is the city from where Kathi rolls originated, which are now famous worldwide. People visiting Kolkata should not miss this dish as it is a must have in Kolkata.

Although now there are many variation of this epic dish, one must not forget to try the authentic Kathi rolls at the most well-known places in Kolkata.

chicken roll

Best places to try: Park Street and New Market.

Shor Bhaja

-Shor Bhaja or Sar Bhaja is a deep-fried sweet dish purely made of milk cream.

Its preparation involves a tedious process but the final result is absolutely worth the effort. It is an exotic Bengali sweet. Foodgasm guaranteed!

Best places to try: Bhawanipur, Golpark and New Market.

As a food lover, one must visit Kolkata and try these dishes. These dishes make Kolkata aunique destination that distinguishes it from all the other places in India. Though there are many other local street foods that can be tried, these are the specialties of Kolkata.

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