The Battle Will Begin, It’s India Vs Pakistan Today

Its the day when the two rivals, India and Pakistan will face each other in Dubai. After India’s loss in the Champions Trophy last year, Indian fans are very nervous about this match, whereas Pakistani fans are confident about the match.

“We will not take that Champions Trophy win in our minds,” said Sarfraz, Captain of Pakistan Team on Monday, a day after his team defeated Hong Kong in their first match of the tournament.

“That was a different atmosphere (in London) and conditions. It was a year ago so that’s history so we will enter the ground with a new strategy and passion.” said, Rohit Sharma.

“They have good players who have done well for India. So I don’t think it will make much difference to India. Their batting is very strong so I can say that it will be a good match.”

“My message to the players is not to bother about the result and do (their) best and when you do that you get a positive result in all matches because there are five other teams as well,” said Sarfaraz to his teammates.



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