Technology increasingly relying on AI

AI is the next big thing in the Smartphone market. With everything else already developed to the extent, innovation is the dire need of the hour. The last few months have only seen the differences in screen sizes. That may have been marketed as Infinity Display or Bezel-Less display but the bitter truth is that apart from the screen ratio, nothing has much changed. In fact, the beta version of android P also doesn’t look very good. It’s more of a like they are rolling out the next android just for the sake of it. Most of the updates or new features are useless. For example, taking screenshots from power button was even possible in Xperia phones back in 2014. We have seen almost everything the smartphones had to offer. It’s now time for something new!

AI is the new budding concept with a lot of potentials. Vivo has just launched phones with AI camera and they are really good. The Bokeh mode feature and focus adjusting even after clicking the pictures are selling the device like hot cakes. it is very much required and will soon be very much in demand. We live in an age where everyone is a photographer now. Be it comes to taking selfies or sister’s wedding pictures, everyone is a shutterbug now. That being said, new and advanced cameras are what most of the people need. They can do with a Snapdragon 435 but not with a sluggish camera.


One of the most talked about feature of Android P is the Auto-Reply. Every time we don’t need to type long messages. Many of the times, only a small okay or yes is required. If we can do that simply by sliding down the notification panel, it would save all the trouble of typing and send. A number of touches would come down to just two; selecting and sending. There are a lot more possibilities with AI coming to smartphones and technology. I would go with a big yes to the smartphones and technology relying on AI for the evolution. The picture that I believe in, has a great canvas for AI.

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