Flashing and intense is the unique Chai Tea which is India’s very own Masala tea. There are chai lovers all around the world, it is more than just a cup of tea to start a day. Chai is a symbol of warmth, relaxation, and happiness. This inflaming blend of indigenous spices and black tea leaves completes the quintessence of a traditionally prepared Ayurvedic potion. Indians generally like their Chai tea milky with a wee bit of powdered cardamom, cloves, and ginger.

There are extensive exciting varieties of masala tea leaves in the market, the base mixture of which is the Karha. Karha is the extract of grounded ginger and cardamom pods, to which more spices go into based on how people like it. Some may add sugar to it, but salt is what would complement and elevate its tang better.

A mug of healthful masala tea is considered to be the prerogative of a vehement chauvinistu76, as he has mastered the elusive aspects of tea, and he CANNOT go wrong in coming up with a really scrumptious Masala blend for his tea. Nevertheless, this has a rich flavor which none of the other varieties of tea has. Having originated in India, their very own motherland, these spices own distinctive healing powers. Drained off of energy or down with a thwarting cold? Make yourself a cup of this drink and kill the commotion in your head. Or the fellow ladies of mine who are agonized with Pre- Menstrual Syndrome, this is the holy medicament that can ease you off the torture. Tell me about having a sweet tooth, that’s quite fine because here is your Chai tea that will help offset sugar cravings and reduce bloating, So have a bite of your fresh cream cake without fear.

Well, that’s pretty amazing, isn’t it? Didn’t I tell you that Chai tea is incredible?


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