Nowadays the lemon is very regent. It is the chief citrus fruit and a very common ingredient of our food. It can be seen from serving in hotels for washing hands to being the nexus of tastiest dishes. But apart from its addition to enhance taste, have you ever wondered about its surprising benefits? Lemon can be used in various ways in skincare, improving metabolism, weight loss and what not. Lemon is very rich in vitamin C which serves as the reason for its pervasive use. But as lemon is highly acidic in nature, it should be consumed with water to make it slightly alkaline. In other words, it should not be consumed directly as it can affect our teeth. So here are some amazing benefits of lemon which can be of great use to everyone.


Prevents Acne and Blackheads:

As the it contains anti-bacterial property, it can cure acne and blackheads really well. For treating this, soak some lemon juice along with water and apply it on the affected area. Leave it for 15-20 minutes and then wash with cold water and pat dry it.

Skin Whitening:

The citric acid in it acts as a natural bleaching agent which helps in skin whitening.

Anti-Wrinkle mask:

It is used as the main ingredient in preparing anti-wrinkle mask. To prepare this, mix lemon with honey with almond oil. Apply this mask to your face and neck.

Black elbows:

It can be rubbed on elbows to avoid discoloration and blackening of elbows.



We all know that water is very essential for our body. As water is tasteless, adding lemons to it increases its taste and hence water intake can be increased.


It is highly rich in vitamin C and it also contains some digestive juices which aid digestion. It detoxes our body and thus improves immunity.

Cold and Fever:

It helps in the production of antibodies which helps to cure cold and fever. It also helps in bringing down the fever.

Weight Loss:

This is the most common use of it almost known to everyone. Drinking lemon water along with cucumber in the morning helps to reduce weight loss at a faster rate.

High Blood Pressure:

It also has high potassium content which is beneficial to people having high blood pressure and several heart diseases.

Freshens Breath:

Everybody hates stinking mouth breath. It immediately declines one’s impression on others. Having lemon water after a meal sweetens breath.

The use of it is not only limited to these but has several other uses such as it treats dandruff, oily scalp etc. It can be found in each and every household. It is one of nature’s blessings and is pocket-friendly. Who knew one small fruit can be used in such versatile ways. So make use of nature wisely and nature will reward you with a great health.

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