Solutions to your Winter Skin Care Problems

As soon as the blowing wind start whirling in the air, the signs as clear that the WINTER IS COMING! Winter is the season for warm showers, hot chocolates, and new beginnings. While it is exciting that we can finally get rid of the sweaty summers and feel some cool breezes on our faces, one thing that ALWAYS goes awry is our skin. The winter skin care problems is a mystery to no one because when it comes everyone is caught up in this hurricane of bad skin days. Here are some tips just to prevent that and to make sure your skin stays flawless.

Avoid Prolonged Hot Showers

While Hot water showers feel god-sent because of the freezing winter. Who knew that leads to dry and irritated skin. Instead of hot shower take with Luke warm water or alternate between hot and warm to lock in the moisture of your body in its place.

hot shower

Dehydrated skin?

Before we get started on this, dry skin and dehydrated skin are two completely different things. It not necessary for dry skin to feel flaky or itchy it might also look like its greasy! To prevent this avoid exfoliating or using to many harsh products on your skin. Sometimes even our skin needs a break! This will give you skin a boosted hydration and reduce the redness.

dehydrated skin

Red Nose

Everyone must be familiar with this. Winter and cold have a direct relationship. Puffed up face with that Rudolph looking nose looked cute on no one except Santa’s reindeers. A simple solution?  Put some lip balm or Vaseline on the area!

red nose


No one has ever escaped this problem and we know that snowfalls only look pretty when snow falls from the sky! Use an anti-dandruff shampoo and alternate between hot and cold water. While the hot water cleans your hair the cold water will seal in moisture.


Chapped lips

Red lips with the dry skin can be so annoying! First of all, Refrain from licking your lips. Secondly, Water and lip balm are your best friend in this situation.

chapped lips



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