Semi-Formal Outfit for Men

We all have been in a situation where we required dressing something between formal and casual, yeah, semi-formal! Situations such as a party at manger’s house force us to dress semi-formally.

Semi-formal dressing is nothing but a way to dress smart and stylish. Moreover, semi-formals have been in vogue lately. So, we I have some suggestions for all the alphas out there.

  1. Always keep it simple and minimal, never put too much of funky fashion on the clothes you wear, unless you want to look like a clown whom everyone notices. Use shirts with polka dots, checked shirts and piped pants at maximum, if you can’t pair it out perfectly, go for solids.
  2. Never I repeat, NEVER wear a tight chinos or trouser if you don’t hit the gym often. Those models you see wearing all skinny fit trousers and chinos, have great quadriceps!
  3. If you don’t know about shoes, go for brogues, trust me they’re great and go with almost everything! Personal recommendation- Tan colored brogues are way too versatile and classy!



  1. Light colored clothes are you friends whenever you want to dress semi-formally and rock it!
  2. Always wear same colored belts and shoes. Though you should try to use the same shade but if it isn’t feasible, any shade near it will go with it but not the ones that are way too different.
  3. Navy blue colored trousers are also of great help if you’re a newbie to the fashion world.
  4. If you’re putting on a blazer, make sure that it goes well with your overall outfit, fits you well and the cuffs of the blazer are of perfect length, that is, 1 inch to 1.5 inch above your wrist.
  5. Always keep the shade of your blazer contrary to the shade of your trousers or chinos. For example, if you’re wearing black(dark shade) trouser go with a peach colored(light shade) blazer and you can reverse the shades too!

These were all the tips, now I am going to provide you with some of the outfits you can pair up.

Plain Light Blue Shirt + Light Grey Chino + Black Dress Shoes.

Solid Color Shirt + Trouser + Brown Leather Dress Shoes


Dark Blue Polka Dot Shirt + Beige Chino + Leather Shoes


These were some of my personal favorites, try them out and let everyone complement the hidden alpha within you!

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