10 Clothing Trends Of The 90’s That Became Popular Again

What goes around has to come around but not necessarily in the same manner. Clothing can be such a wonderful journey while you roll through the time machine of then and now!

  • Denim Jumpers

These are the perfect day outfit which made in a huge difference back then to girls and are back in fashion with a twist of sexier version of pretty ladies.

  • Cuffed high waist jeans

Gone are the days of low waist cut denims with a perfect V shaped front and in comes again those high waist broad chained ones in store to team up with crop tops and show the cuter version of you.

  • The Leather jacket

This, trust me can never get out of fashion and is a must have for all seasons and times. This one jacket can blend with endless possibilities and still have you edged out of the common crowd.

  • The floral prints

These show so much of you and still has gothic look in to counter the summer trends and make a difference to your wardrobe collection. Recalls of those cowgirl thing back from the retros.

  • The broad checked shirt

This is the perfect have for anyday, anytime and sure has no going out of fashion because the casual yet geeky look is so in trend. Make sense into all those blonde girl series with their sense into college goers for this day.

  • The off shoulder tops

These were so like pretty Disney princess like outfits to hover around with girls or a lunch date with your special someone. Back in fashion with all the stripes and checks.

  • Animal print

This must have been the hardest trend to pull off, but this too has the loud look just apt to make you a surefire winner.

  • Wingle dress with a peter pan collar

Remember those maiden dresses in the old 90’s with collar flowy dress,is back in game again with a tinge of sexy and hot avtar from the cute girl look to be.

  • One piece jumpsuits

Have a look to J. Lo’s red carpet wears. Bold and trendy cut throat competiton to nay sayers and yet firing the award shows has something to stick you to love that look.

  • Mini and straight cut skirts

These piece of formal wear has made its way in from those trend setter office women who struggle hard to make ends meet. Now this is the classy fashion quotient to stay again.


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