Pondicherry – The French Riviera of India!

Pondicherry or the French Riviera of the east is a small town tucked on the south-east coastline of India. It is a former French colony which is currently one of the seven union territories of India. Being a former French colony, Pondicherry has retained all of its old-world charms and despite being miles away from the country of France it still gives one the very authentic and alluring feeling of the French culture. The city of Pondicherry does not have much to do or see, but it sure does follow the simple rule of being a place to be, a place where one can relax and rejuvenate while connecting to one’s self.

The city prides in itself being a multicultural city with different ethics and backgrounds. On one hand, the city has its vast history of the French folklore while on the other it has a rich history of the Indian way of life. The city not only provides one with an experience of the rich historical background but also with a mix of spiritual content and modern heritage. Thus allowing its visitors and residents to connect with it at all levels and provide them with a homely feeling and a sheer and a pure experience.

Pondicherry is one of the most sought out holiday destinations in south India due to its rustic and folksy environment which attracts people providing them with a welcoming feeling. Speaking of tourist attractions the city embodies of churches, museum and the famous Aurobindo Ashram where thousands of spiritual travellers come to seek peace and tranquillity. Beaches are the most alluring and admirable part of the city. There are four main beaches in the city and each of them plays the role of soothing and remedying its visitors. The cuisine of the city is very much like its culture i.e. it is the perfect mixture of the culture and traditions like the city itself.

All in all the city of Pondicherry is a harmonious mixture of a little bit of everything. From its rich history to adventure to peace and calmness to different cultures, the city has it all. The city can best be described as being as cool as a cucumber and being a poised and a self-possessed city.

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