One Phenomenon That Makes You, YOU- Habits

The phenomenon inside our human body which we make it and then boom it makes you. The configuration is always with us leaves us only in the graveyard. It is also not back-stabber like a shadow which leaves us alone in the dark. The power of the mechanism is insurmountable and makes our amour-propre and leads towards the Atari of our life. That’s the power of the ‘Habits’.

The making of a habit takes a huge toll on us. It does not take 21 days as widely told and was given by Maxwell Maltz, a cosmetic surgeon. The study conducted in 2009 by a team of professors in the University College of London gives the magic number as 66 days on average. The span of time to make a habit ranges from 19 – 254 days depending upon the environment in which one is living to several other factors. The continuous practice of doing a particular task at a particular time with intensity leads to the ‘Line of Automaticity’

The three Keystone Habits that you can adopt at any time are meditation, reading and daily exercise. Furthermore, habits can be built over these. This can also be implemented only through the single ‘Cue’ for the habit which is unavoidable at all times. Such as a making the habit for daily exercise in the morning the cue can be waking up. Set a reward system after you complete the task which can be taking a break or having your favorite smoothie right after. One setup of the Low Day or High Day schedule which enables us to keep going on and on and enjoy the routine continuously.

This can be achieved by using an Implementation Statement: ‘I will do (name of task) in (time of the day) for (duration) at (location).’

Many people have made it up to the mark, so you can too. It’s your life, so your responsibility.


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