Nawabon ka shehar “Lucknow”

Lucknow or the “nawabonkashehar” is the city of “tehzeeb” or manners. Today the city is an amalgam of the modern and the present, both existing sides by side to give the city its unique touch. Lucknow has still kept its old world charm which is what attracts the tourists. The city is a compilation of culture, mannerism, courtesy, sophistication, and talent. Many of the cultural traits and mores of the city have become a living legend. The city is a multicultural city wherein people of different cultures live harmoniously with each other.

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The whole credit of Lucknow being a harmonious multicultural city goes to the Nawab of Awadh that used to rule over the city. The Nawab of Awadhwas interested in the talents and in the art of people from all walks of life and encouraged these traditions to a rare degree of sophistication. The city also represents a melting pot of globalization where the legacy of the nawab rulers continues to be reflected in the traditional vocabulary of the language of the city. One of the most famous things that can be found in Lucknow is its cuisine. Also knows as the Awadhi cuisine or the nawabi style cuisine, it represents the royal patronage through it, delicacy and presentation. Some of the most famous cuisines are biryani, kebabs, kulfi, paan, sweets, etc.

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The popularity of the Awadhi cuisine is not limited to the local area, but in different cities and countries as well. The badaimbambara, bhoolbhulaiya, roomidarwaza, etc are just some of the ancient structures build during the period of the nawabs which still stands proudly in their place open to visitors reciting the tales of their historical lineage. Chikankariis a popular embroidery work with its origins in Lucknow. It was founded 400 years ago and to this date is only found in the Lucknow city.

lucknow city

In the end, Lucknow is not just a city, it is a little bit of heaven found on earth. From culture, art, talent, history to mannerisms, etiquettes, food, and embroidery work the city has it all. It is a beautiful place where the harmonious living of the multicultural people gives it just that needed a special touch.

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