Most Fashionable Bollywood Movies Ever!

Movies are your only source of fashion inspiration when you can’t just take the pain of browsing through the latest fashion and attending the fashion shows! Bollywood is no less when it comes to keeping up with the fashion. Costume directors such as Anaita Shroff Adajania, Dolly Ahluwalia, etc make sure that the movie lives up from a fashion point of view too. Here are the best Bollywood movies and most fashionable movies ever.

Kambaqt Ishq

Kambaqt Ishq released in 20 was way ahead of its time in fashion. Kareena’s each and every look was awestruck. Not just that, male costumes too were surprisingly really stylish and well done. All the credits to Aki Narula who did a tremendous job as the costume director of the movie.


Well, Sonam doesn’t need an introduction to fashion at least!. And when the movie is centred on the fashionista Sonam Kapoor itself, we can’t just expect less. Aisha stoops up to the expectations of fashion critics and inspired a number of styles from the many looks Sonam carried in the movie.


It would have been the biggest irony if fashion wasn’t a very fashionable movie. Luckily it isn’t. Each and every character was presented in the best possible style suiting to it.


Like fashion, heroin didn’t disappoint us either. More than the costumes Kareena’s make up stole the credits.

Student of the year

Karan Johar’s student of the year wasn’t made of many things but a lot of fashion. Alia and Sana pulled off daring looks for first timers and fortunately were praised for it.



Dostana was the biggest trendsetter the year it released. Sexy bikini looks and Desi girl saree just took away all the hearts. John and Abhishek’s costumes too did not disappoint, in fact, were way too stylish for that time.

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