Makeup Of 2018!

The creativity of runway make up is definitely a difficult thing not just to copy but to carry too. From winged eyeliner to the neon liner, it is only through makeup artists,makeup bloggers and celebrities we know of the practical version of runway makeup. This spring has come to the most vibrant and bold makeup of all time.
Here are some of the Makeup Trends 2018.

Colored shadow

This years runway brought up the colored shadow and that too in a vast number of shades. Lime yellow, purple, green, and aqua. To your surprise, they all looked phenomenal.

Crystal and glitter make up

Crazy but so cool! Crystals are actually pasted on the face near the eye area or the lips. It gives an extra emphasis to that area than the rest of the face. Dispersed glitter is also used for the same purpose. However, this makeup needs a really strong person to be pulled off.

Natural dense eyebrows

This look intends to give a more natural, wild and casual look. This was first presented at Tanya Taylor show. The brushed up brows brought up a raw image.

Tinted lips

Tinted lips have always been pretty good at depicting the college girl look. Well, now you don’t have to feel
guilty about liking the trend because it’s back in trend.

Bold Lips

Bold lips have low key been in fashion all the time but for strict makeup fashion follower,s, they’re officially in right now. Bold lips not just means red but colorful lip shades too like dark green and black.
Now, these are the makeup trends 2018. These makeup trends 2018 are much in fashion nowadays.

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