Makeup Guide for Beginners

Comes a party or a small get together and girls start looking for someone’s help for makeup. Some go for salon and some go out without makeup. But applying makeup is not a herculean task if some basic tips and procedures are followed. Girls would rather enjoy doing it hassle-free.

Every makeup regime begins with cleansing the face with a mild cleanser or face wash where dirt gets removed and this can be done with normal water. People also apply rose water with cotton balls as it cleanses well and gives a soothing effect to the skin.

Now the skin is clear so the very next step is the application of primer. Many girls ignore its use but it has its many advantages for the skin as primer helps the makeup stay longer for hours. It acts as a strong base to apply makeup. Primer reduces redness and is also great for oily skin.

A good moisturizer can also act very good for the skin in case of absence of primer as well as along with the primer. This will ensure a flawless base. For an oily skin, a gel-based moisturizer will act great due to easy absorption.

One needs to wait for 5 minutes before applying foundation so that moisturizer can easily sink into the skin. Next important step is the application of Foundation. One should choose a shade that matches to the skin tone or slightly lighter than the skin tone. Foundation can be applied with the help of fingers or sponge for better coverage.

Next comes our super magician and that is Concealer. People often get confused over the choice of shade. But it should be as close as to the skin tone possible. Concealer acts best to hide under eye circles, blemishes, pimples etc. Girls often neglect the use of this product over the use of foundation as they believe the two to be same.

Next is a Compact which sets the makeup and make it sweat free. Nowadays, compact with UV ray protection is there in the market. Often it is used as an immediate and only product to go for when you are out or working for long hours. It gives an instantly fresh and beautiful look.

For beginners, one can use a neutral eye shadow shade with a rounded shadow brush. The movement should go from lash line towards the brow bone. Then comes eye liner which is smudge free and quick dry. One can lift the upper lid with one hand & apply the liner with the other.


The user then can use lash curler to have prominent display of eye lashes. Apply a mascara which would give voluminous look to eyes.

Apply a blush on the apple of cheeks and to know where these apples are, just smile while you apply. Just blend them well with the brush. Creamy blush works well for a natural glow.

It’s always advisable to apply a tinge of lip balm before applying any lip color. Let it be absorbed and then you are free to apply the lip color of your choice starting from the center of both upper and lower lip.

Now you are all set to go out and enjoy your day to the fullest.


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