Life Altering Technological Advancements to Watch out for

‘Technology’ isn’t merely a word in today’s era. It is a thing which is embedded very deeply into our mundane lives in such a manner that we will become very uncomfortable in the absence of it.

We all have witnessed a tremendous rate of technological evolution achieved especially during the last decade. Every year we see many miraculous inventions and innovations in the domain. Even though there are many revolutionary technologies, but these 5 techs serve as the backbone of a major chunk of them. Here are the Top 5 technologies to watch out for the year 2018.

  1. Artificial Intelligence:

Artificial Intelligence, often referred to as AI is considered one of the miracles of modern day technology. AI is implemented in almost every business, industry and even in households, particularly in the last couple of years. Artificial Intelligence is utilized efficiently and effectively in many fields such as healthcare, defense, customer experience, mundane automation and even as intelligent assistants!

According to the experts, this year, tech giants such as IBM, Google and Microsoft are looking forward to merging Artifical Intelligence with other domains such as cloud-based services, data analytics, and business development. This advancement will change the course of many businesses which follow traditional strategies along with enhancing the management and manufacturing. In all, AI can be crowned as the most revolutionary buzzword to look in the technological world this year.

  1. Blockchain:

Blockchain has shown its magic to everyone in 2017 by emerging as the backbone of cryptocurrencies. But there is more to this. This year, blockchain might create a mutiny with its gradual implementation in the technical and monetary domain. This is because of the fact that it is next to impossible to find a flaw in the structure supported by blockchain, as each and every transaction is completely safe and transparent. There is a huge possibility that blockchain will be used in the fields that involve a lot of money or data exchange. This will make the management system more efficient and secure. Many major companies such as Deloitte have predicted the advantages of the introduction of blockchain in the practical world, particularly the asset management industry and businesses.

  1. Internet of Things

In the past few years, Internet of Things expanded its reach to almost every household equipped with internet connection. In the modern world, this marvel in technology governs everything in a house. It can regulate the temperature, set the lights, control the kitchen and even manages the house security. But all this has been used previously. Many tech gurus claim that the blend of IoT and intelligent systems will have a great impact on our daily lives. IoT combined with the geolocation services, automobiles, and healthcare industry will result in a smart management system in which the consumers will not have to worry even the slightest bit. The house (or the office) will manage itself on its own as per the needs of its owner. This is surely a breakthrough innovation in today’s world.

  1. Machine Learning

Machine Learning is nothing but a way in which machines learn the behavior of anything on the basis of algorithms and the data provided to the system. Even though the concept of machine learning was brought to light in the early 1990s, the largescale practical implementation has been done with the onset of this decade. Many business firms are using machine learning as a tool to classify the target customers and interacting with them. Many people confuse machine learning with AI. But that is not the case. Artificial intelligence and machine learning have their own prospects despite the similarities in the baseline. Prior to this, efficient machine learning models were used to predict the weather and other basic things. But this field evolved with the precedence of time and experts are looking forward to using machine learning models as a tool to predicts the customer choice and other business analysis prospects which will help to elevate the business development graphs!

  1. Big Data and Analytics

Every modern-day business and domain have to deal with a large amount of data and insights of its consumer base. Big Data analytics is another offset to the technology which utilizes the data collected and analyze it accordingly in order to extract important conclusions. There is a famous saying – “Data is the oil of the future.” This clearly means that data is serving as a ‘driving fuel’ for modern technologies. Big data and analytics are widely used in business domains. But gradually, the governments are also on the verge of using this technology in order to elevate their economic aspects. This domain of technology is totally based on insights and analysis. In spite of this, this might create a great influence on the industries, business firms, banks and even economies.


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