Kourtney Kardashian – The Underrated Fashionista !

Kourtney Kardashian is a goddess for petite clothing inspiration. Her short height isn’t a hindrance to her looks, 40 years old, a mother of three and she goes sexier by the day. Her fitness routine is surely the talk of the town but people tend to not notice her looks when she’s overshadowed by her taller, younger and richer sisters. Well, she’s no less when it comes to fashion. When Kim and Kylie are busy sporting the athleisure looks, she’s out there flaunting the most cautiously paired, amazingly accessorized and beyond runway fashion trends. We have put together her best looks, see for yourself and tell we’re not lying.

Kourtney In Jeans

She’s often seen wearing jeans paired with trench coats. She somehow makes trench coats work for her even when they’re not so much in fashion as of now. Sporting a denim on denim trend and the waist bag trend she’s not too far from creating her own style.












Kourtney In Athleisure

Well, every other celebrity is wearing this trend but Kourtney, of course, stands out. She’s made it look not so athleisure though.

Kourtney In Wide Pants

This can officially be called Kourtney’s signature look. She wears wide pants despite being 5 feet tall. Well, that needs a strong personality and surprisingly she looks flawless in those too.

Kourtney In Skirts and Shorts

Shorts and skirts are definitely her things. She looks her best in shorts. Paired with a statement, crop and mesh tops she looks phenomenal in it.

Kourtney In Minis

Kourtney launched her personal collection with pretty little thing and it was the best thing on Earth. Her shimmery glittery minis were a major part of the collection.

Kourtney In Casuals

She’s often dressed like she’s going to a party or a gathering but appears in casuals too rarely though. Needless to say, she pulls it off like a queen.


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