King of Cuisines – Tamil Cuisine

Does anyone hate food?No!From rich to poor, everyone wants to taste a variety of dishes. Some love sweets and some love spices. There are a variety of cuisines all over the world. Among them, the Tamil cuisine with a variety of dishes remains the best ancient cuisine.

tamilian platter

Not only the dishes served, but also the way that the food is served is amazing. Food served over fresh banana leaves,people seated on the ground and savoring all the food off their fingers makes it the best. This cuisine is native to the people living in the Indian states of Tamil Nadu,Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala and Northern Sri Lanka.


The most common breakfasts are idli and dosa. Idli is recognised as one of the world’s healtiestbreakfast.Vadai,Pongal,Paniyaram,Appam,Utthappam,Upma,Puttu,Kozhukattai,Idiyappam and Adai are the other main dishes.Sambar,Vadacurry,Thogaiyal,Kootu andAviyalare served as side dishes.Coffee,Koozh and Sharbat are the drinks given after breakfast.



Lunch and dinner includes a variety of dishes. ‘Saatham’ refers to their staple food rice. Thakkalisaatham, Karuvepilaisaatham,Thayirsaatham, KothamalliPudinasaatham, Maangasaatham, Elumichaisaatham, Puliyodharai, Biryani along with Kulambu, Rasam, Kootu, Aviyal and Muttaikoseporiyal make the lunch and dinner.




This is the delicious class of this cuisine.Adhirasam,ParuppuPayasam,PazhamPaniyaram,Pongal,Arisithengaipayasam,Murukku,Seedai,Bajji,Poori,Mixture or Michar,Sevu,Pakoda,ThattuVadaiSettu andKozhukkattai, these are the excellent sweets and snacks.


Non-veg dishes:

Idli and chicken or mutton kuzhambu makes the best pair.The Chettinadu Cuisine is one of the famous ones which has the best ever taste!

non veg foods


Tamilians consider serving food to the people as an integral part of their culture and tradition. ‘VIRUNDHU’, which means feast, is served for the guests,friends and neighbours during festive occasions.At first the banana leaf is sprinkled with water and the person wipes the water with his hand. Then the different dishes are placed at the top half of the leaf and the rice at the lower half.Side dishes like papads ,vadai are also placed.Some salt and pickle is kept at the upper left end of the leaf.A banana is also kept along with sweets.The regional cuisines are Chettinaud, Nanjilnadu, Kongunadu and Madurai.

There may be many dishes around the world, but the dishes that are a part of Tamil cuisine are the most mouth-watering!


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