Keys To A Healthy Skin

Keeping healthy skin is very important. But, here comes the dusty weather, where there’s almost no rescue from and heat and pollution which nearly covers our face and is the reason behind open pores with our natural oils hoarding on it.
Here is a list of tricks and tips which will not only make a difference to your skin texture but also deeply cleanse your face to avoid any further accumulation of dust particles like blackheads and whiteheads.
Ever wonder why the brands which are selling skin care products top the charts every
now and then? People not only invest in good moisturizers and face wash but have
also started investing in good skincare products like face cleanser which not only deeply cleanse your face but also safeguard that there is no further dirt residue left. Great face cleansers which are trending the charts are green tea, rose water and white vinegar which work on restoring the skin’s pH balance and are very effective for open pores and other skin issues.
Remember to always and always remove any kind of makeup when going to bed, since night is the only time for our skin to breathe. After cleaning your face, always go for a good serum or baby oil and firmly massage your face for a couple of minutes until the serum or oil is evenly spread all over your face.
Eye bags are very common for people who work more hours and invest more time in Pc and mobile phones. A great remedy could be running ice wrapped in a soft towel on your eye bags for 2-3 minutes. Within a week, you’ll see a difference that ice has not only lightened your face but has also made your skin supple and firm.
Facial mists are only for working people! No that’s a myth. Facial mists an effective remedy for people who have really dry skin. With few sprinkles of water, these face mists generate a hydrating texture which not only gives an instant boost but also gives an essence of a much-refreshed skin. These mists come in a range
of essential oils and herbal extracts which will not make you feel like you have invested in something
which is not worthy.
Have a happy and healthy skin always!

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