Jaisalmer- The Place of the Golden Fort!

Jaisalmer or the golden city found in the heart of the Thar Desert can very much be compared to the formation of a sand dune. In the beginning, there are just sand particles scattered over the desert, but as the wind blows one can witness an assembled heap of sand particles. In the same way, the golden city has evolved and today stands proud of its transformation. From being a dead and a forgotten city in the past half-century to being one of the biggest tourist attractions in all of Rajasthan, Jaisalmer has transformed into a beautiful city upholding its culture and traditions.

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The city’s golden-honey architecture gives the illusion of the city being covered in a blanket of the golden rays of the sun. Jaisalmer just like the other cities of Rajasthan takes pride in its culture, heritage, ethics, and beliefs. The city also vaunts its rich history and portrays it through its culture, food and the famous fort, havelis, temples, etc. Speaking of the fort the Jaisalmer fort is a sandcastlethat stands atop the city in a protective manner rising from the desert itself and becoming one with the golden hue of the sand and emerging to look like a mirage from a bygone era. It is a breath taking view during the sunrise and the sunset when the sun’s rays fall on the golden castle enhancing its mystique and magic. The fort till date symbolises the valour and gallantry of the brave Rajputs.

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Next is the Patwonkihaveli. Patwonkihaveli is one of the biggest hand carved havelis in Jaisalmer. It is a five storey haveli that sits proudly in a narrow street. Visitors can till date witness the glass work and the paint work of the haveli and one of the most striking features of the haveli is that it doesn’t need any paintings or art work to depict its rich history and story because it has the descendants of the the owner of the haveli who still reside in one of the parts of the building. The city also allows its visitors to feel the sands of the time gone at its desert. The tourists can indulge in camel riding and desert safari while experiencing the past in the future in the heart of the desert.

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In all the city of Jaisalmer is a city from which every one of us should learn something. Learn to grow after falling, learn to be proud of who we are and also learn to uphold our culture, beliefs and ethics. The golden city can best be described as chivalry and bravery wrapped in a golden honey blanket with its culture, tradition and beliefs giving the city its magical touch.




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