IT Hub Of India- Bangalore

Bangalore or the Silicon Valley of India is the second largest growing metropolis in the country. The city has the pet name Silicon Valley due to its role of being an information technology (IT) exporter. The demographically diverse city is also home to many prestigious educational and research centers in India, being a natatorium of opportunities and chances for individuals.

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Bangalore after independence, urbanisation started spurring in the city resulting in a growth in the real estate market which led to higher job opportunities and thus after the establishment of private companies such as MICO and multinational corporations such as Texas instruments the manufacturing base of the city started to expand and other information technology companies also followed the suit and started to establish themselves in the burgeoning city.



Being the third most populous city in India and the 28th most populous city in the world, Bangalore is a mixed bag of culture, traditions, ethics, and beliefs. The city subsists individuals and expats from all around the world resulting in being a multicultural, universal and a non- sectarian city. The diversity of the city and its people is also reflected in its cuisine. The food just like the city is socially and economically diverse.


Being blessed with a temperate and a soothing climate, the city of gardens has carefully preserved its heritage and green specs. Being surrounded by the luscious and ornate green trees, the city appears to be cuddled up in an alleviating and pacifying green colored blanket. The city offers its visitors to witness from a variety of destinations ranging from parks to modern art gallery to forts and palaces to lakes and to museums. The city houses the mesmerizing fort of Tipu Sultan. Mainly designed and fabricated with teakwood, the fort till date recites its glorious history. Next are the serene lakes that provide the city with a cool and a calming effect and are sights of the sore eyes.

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In short, the city of Bangalore is a gentle, yet modern city and it has such a hypnotizing effect on individuals that one immediately and easily falls in love with it.

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