Is It Time for Men Empowerment?

It is on Days like these that I feel Women Empowerment in India is a farfetched dream. I remember not too long ago a monologue by Deepika Padukone went Viral with the Topic “My Choice”. Deepika advocated the choice “To marry or not to marry, To have sex before a marriage, to have sex outside of Marriage, to love temporarily or to Lust forever”


These choices are absolutely fine to be made by women but what happens when a Man, you chose to Live In with and marry later, make a choice of not marrying. Then should women stomp to Supreme Court and ask the Man to be hanged on Rape Charges on pretex of Marriage.

In the much talked about Hadiya Case of 2017 the court had observed: Even if they (Hadiya and her partner) were not competent enter into wedlock (which position itself is disputed), they have right to live together even outside wedlock. It would not be out of place to mention that ‘live-in relationship’ is now recognized by the Legislature itself which has found its place under the provisions of the Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act, 2005.”

The Bench also quoted relevant observations made in Hadiya case including this observation made by Justice Chandrachud in his concurring opinion: “The daughter is entitled to enjoy her freedom as the law permits and the court should not assume the role of a super guardian being moved by any kind of sentiment of the mother or the egotism of the father.”

The above statement makes two things very clear firstly, Live-In relationships are recognized by the Law and secondly, that the women can choose to live with whoever they want. If a Woman after exercising her right to choose & who to live with comes out and says that she was only Living In since she was promised a Marriage, then does the whole period of her Live In relationship be termed as rape.

Who really are the victims here?



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