Importance of Responsive websites for Business!

Remember those days when mobile web browsing was in its early stages. Webpages which look gorgeous on a desktop or laptop looked quite amateurish on a smartphone. All those viewing angles and all those important scripts required were not able to run on a mobile webpage. This used to be a real bummer especially for making online transactions. Gone are the days for such websites now.


What is a responsive website?

According to Ethan Marcotte, a web designer, “Responsive web design offers us a way forward, finally allowing us to design for the ebb and flow of things.” Marcotte coined the term responsive website in 2010.


Need of responsive websites

At the end of 2016, mobile internet users surpassed desktop users for first time. We have entered an era of personalisation. Making responsive website is the need of the hour. Websites which are adjustable to user screen, browser and looking familiar to eyes of user give more retention rate than non-responsive ones. Optimization of websites also gives clearer insight of what type of user a business is interacting with. This in turn creates vast opportunities for businesses to show targeted advertisement and hence generating more ad sense money.


Benefits of a responsive website

In this era of personalisation, every user wants the best possible experience of browsing on smartphones. A mobile friendly website always gives consistent result irrespective on the machine it is viewed on.


Even google now uses mobile first indexing for ranking web pages. This means that any website which is optimised according to mobile will definitely get higher rank when it comes to search engine optimization.


Importance in business

Major advantages of device adjusting websites are: –

  • Brings more consistent view and user experience when it comes to browsing
  • Sellers can generates more sales figures by opening access to those users who don’t carry big desktops or laptops all the time.


  • Tracking and analysis of data becomes more easy.
  • With the power of high end processors installed on phones, instant apps can be created on the browser itself. These apps eliminate the burden of installing apps before being able to use them.


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