How To Revamp your Daily Drinking water

You should be drinking at least a litre and half of water every day, especially in summer with all the heat. We perspire out a majority of our body’s surplus water to keep ourselves cool in summer- and not drinking enough water could get you into a whole range of diseases that you definitely do not want.

Kidney stones, urine infections along with different sorts of deficiencies and not to forget bad skin- are few of the many side effects of not drinking enough water. Water is the body’s way of flushing out toxicity from your blood, and without it, you would actually be in a whole lot of trouble.

However, we all know that drinking water is boring. Other than when we are seriously thirsty, drinking water is a major drag we don’t want to get into. However, there are some ways you could revamp your water to not only make it a hell-lot more interesting but actually also help out your health quite a bit.

  1. Adding Fruit For Flavour: A recent trend is to drink fruit infused water, where you cut up lemons, limes, and oranges and put it in a water filter. Then add chilled water whenever you want to drink, and you are guaranteed to drink a lot more than you would have without the infusions of flavours. You could also try different flavours like cucumber, fresh mint or even watermelon or strawberry slices.
  2. Have A juice Base: Using a tarty flavor like pomegranate or cranberry, without adding sugar is a good alternative for drinking water without the taste of water. Fruit juices also contain a lot of vitamins and antioxidants which are in any case really good for you.
  3. Sparkle Water: Lots of people prefer carbonated or mineralized water over still water. A seltzer, which is a carbonated water can have no flavours at all or might have natural fresh fruits in it. 4. Get creative with ice.
  4. Ice water is actually more tasty than water at room temperature. So get some flavoured ice cubes and revamp your drinking water. Just add some flavor you like to your ice cube, that can be juice, tea or even coffee. It is actually even a great way to serve guests in summer and works well for your hydration needs as well.
  5. If All Else Fails, Drink Tea: Tea is a natural antioxidant and has so many health benefits that will leave you confounded. So if you are bored of your regular water, just shift to tea for a few of your drinks. Tea comes in so many different varieties that you will never get tired of trying them- the herbal, fruit, green white, and red tea are actually the best alternatives to plain old water.


SO there you are, 5 easy to do tricks for getting your water game up. Try them at home and you will not regret it!



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