How to begin learning computer programming?

Programming is considered to be a basic block for technological development and advancements occurring in the 21st century. Programming can be considered equivalent to mitochondria of a cell which is considered to be the powerhouse of a living cell. Here are some steps which will make a person master in this field:


What motivates one athlete to perform well. It’s the respect earned in front of millions of peoples. Similarly, what should make a person benevolent for coding. It’s the beauty of a good code and chain of appreciations that follow on solving a complex problem. In one of an interview Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple, said that everybody in this country should learn how to program a computer because it helps in fostering the ability to think better and different. One should always ponder upon following questions before pursuing programming as a career.


  • Will I be able to get a good job with high salary after learning to code?
  • Will I be able to become a top developer for some big cooperation?

Begin from scratch

Developing a proficiency in coding is an exhaustive process. The question which aspirants are always confused is that which programming language they should start learning. Should it be C, C++, Java or Python? An easy solution is finding those programming languages which are in demand currently and they have a buzz in futuristic technologies also.


From where to learn coding.

Today in this era of digitalization we have seen many creators and companies starting tutorial lessons on basic of coding. Here are a few online destinations where one can travel digitally for the quest of e-learning.

  1. a) Udemy
  2. b) Nptel coding courses
  3. c) Codecademy
  4. d) Coursera
  5. e) Edx

These massive open online courses(MOOCs) provide thousands of courses pertaining to a varied number of languages. Major perks of enrolling in these are the provision of certificates of proficiency in learning. Having passed coding tests of these MOOCs with flying colours always make a person more likable to a high salary job.

Conquer the world of programmers

There are various competitions to nurture the ability to code underconstraints like time, efficiency and space complexity. List of websites for such are:

  1. a) CodeChef
  2. b) HackerRank
  3. c) HackerEarth
  4. d) Google CodeJam

code chef

These gigs also provide a national and international ranking to participants. These ranking are vital in analyzing the performance of a candidate. Major benefit of practicing on these platforms is many IT companies do hiring by conducting exams on these websites. Many MNCs also conduct direct hiring on the basis of one’s performance on these competitive websites.



Learning programming is all about strong motivation and having skills for critical thinking. Syntax part is easy, tough is to understand the best possible implementation for an algorithm. Learn to write efficient code by working on some good project. Always be ready to create something fancy using the power of codes.




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