Henley Tee Guide for Men

So, here I’m again to bring you some useful, interesting and short content for all you stylish guys out there waiting to unleash all your style! Today, I’ll be talking about Henley t-shirts.

So, Henley T-shirts are tees having no collar and a button placket in front of it; the size of the packet is generally two to three inches long and it consists of one to five buttons. So, here are a few reasons why you should go for Henley tees:-

  1. They are very versatile. You can get Henley tees made up of different fabrics, for both summers and winters; full, as well as half sleeves, are available as an option. Moreover, they can be worn without anything over them, under cardigans, jackets or sweaters.

henley tee

  1. They are easily available and are available in numerous colors.
  2. It is a great alternative to a regular tee when you want to layer up your clothes or want to go casual.

Things you should keep in mind while buying it:-


The fabric of Henley tees play an important role, they’re mostly made up of cotton but there are a few quilted pieces out there too, which come handy during the winters.


The fit of the Henley should always be perfect. They should not hang too lose as that looks completely disastrous.

henley sweater

You should not be able to hold more than 1 or 2 inches around the waist and not more than 1 inch around the biceps. Moreover, the length should be such that the tee ends right at the start of your zip or goes just a centimeter below it.

Body Type

Sorry to say but Henley tees are not for everyone. Guys who are a little over the scale shouldn’t go for it as due to lack of a collar it makes your neck look bigger and it will highlight the few extra inches on your belly too.
Moving to thin people, they should go for layering while wearing Henley tees as their fit requires to be a trimmed one, it will perfectly show how thin you’re. So, you should always go for layering.

henley sweat shirt

People having a muscular physique can just bless their looks by adding Henley tees to their wardrobes. These tees are made for you guys! Go grab a few and flaunt your physique.

So, these were a few tips for buying a Henley tee and a few advantages of theirs. Hope it helps you guys!

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