Sugar, as we all know is one of the main ingredients of all the products. From various homemade dishes to all the processed foods, it can be found everywhere. Hence, on an average consumption of it for an individual is very high. Also, the content of it calorie is high, which can create many problems. There are many diseases caused by it. Effects of it on the skin are very common. Therefore it is very essential to gain information about its adverse effects to avoid its consumption in greater amounts and escape other health problems. So let us see what its harmful effects are.

Sugar can increase weight

As already stated earlier, it is rich in calories. Therefore consuming a lot of it increases our weight. People who tend to have sweetened beverages are found to weigh more. It is there in almost every sweets, cakes etc. and hence it is said that these bakery items increase our weight.

Sugar can cause heart problems

Studies show that people who eat more of it are prone to the greater risk of heart diseases. Any food product that interferes with BS levels causes many problems such as heart diseases, obesity etc.

Sugar may increase the chances of cancer

As consuming it can cause obesity, it can increase the chances of cancer as obesity can lead to cancer. Also, it causes inflammation in our body and insulin resistance, both of which can form reasons of developing cancer.

Sugar can cause fatty liver

It is broken down into fructose which is stored in the liver. But an increased amount of fructose can fatty liver. The fructose was converted into glycogen by the liver, but an excess amount of it or fructose is stored as fat which causes fatty liver. This is also associated with insulin resistance which may cause type 2 diabetes.

Sugar can create many skin problems

Excessive of its consumption causes inflammation which is not good for our skin. This causes many acne problems. Also, it reacts with protein to form AGEs (Advanced glycation end products) which is associated with skin aging problems. Hence sugar also leads to skin aging.




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