Hairstyle Guide For Men

We see the end number of memes daily on how a person thinks of changing his identity, shifting to an entirely new country and settle there while the barber cuts his hair. Secretly, we all agree that we have been through similar situations, many times. Well, most of the times. This is because we are unsure about our hairstyle choices and are unable to convey barber what exactly we want. So, to save you from grave embarrassment, I am here to your rescue with a hairstyling guide!

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So, here are some tips regarding how you should convey your message to your barber:-

  • Carry a picture with you, a picture is worth a million words. This will let your barber know the exact cut you want.
  • Never demand a haircut that doesn’t go with your hair. If you’ve curly hair, find a picture where the model has curly hair, the same applies to thick, thin, straight, and long, etc.
  • If you are unsure about the hairstyle that will suit you, always carry a few pictures and talk with your barber; he has experience and can tell what kind of hairstyle will suit you!

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  • Always keep trying new barbers until you find the one which works for you! Never be scared to switch barbers.
  • Always keep your eyes open while you’re sitting for the cut; match the image continuously and stop your barber as soon as you feel that something isn’t going right!
  • Ask your barber about the hairstyling products and techniques that will help you style your hair at home.

These were all the tips which needed to be practiced in order to get a great haircut. Now, I’ll tell you some hairstyles for every face types, you can find your face type by simply googling different face type and match them with your face.


This is honestly the best face shape you can have because almost each and every kind of hairstyle goes well with this face type; be it long hair, military cut, undercut or any other kind of hairstyle, you’ll rock it!

hairstyles mens indian


 Since these guys have faced with almost equal length and width; they should always go for hairstyles take to make their face look a little longer and should avoid hairstyle giving their face a wider look! Some hairstyles that would go well on them are- undercut, slicked up hair and peaked faux hawk.

round hairstyle


 This is the most desired face-cut for men. This includes having a great jawline and angular forehead. You should go for short hair or slicked up hair, this would enhance your facial features by highlighting them. You can also go for spiky hair!

sqaure hairstyle


People having this kind of facial structure usually look good with spiky and short hair with sides that are really short.

triangle hairstyle


These people should go for the long or medium length of hair which comes down the forehead that is they must provide you with width, not with length!

long hairstyle

I would also love to give you all a personal advice, the pro tip, if you’re unsure, always go for an undercut it just looks good on every person!

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