Goa- The Vegas Of India!

Goa or the pearl of the orient is much more than just beaches and trans parties. It is a kaleidoscope mixture of cultures in both Indian and Portuguese, food, spices, sand, spirituality, and sun. The pint-sized city most famous for its golden- chained beaches has a lot more to offer than that. The city was for a period of time ruled by the Portuguese, who were lured by the lucrative mystiques of the east and the hypnotizing trail of spices, till date the city can be seen brandishing the Portuguese culture through its museums, churches, foods, etc.

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If on one hand, the city vaunts its Portuguese culture, then on the other it also proudly emblazons its Indian culture. Being the meeting point of many cultures, ethics, and religions the way of living and the lifestyle of goa is multi-hued and quite different from the rest of India, making it a very peculiar and distinguishing city. Most of the goal is in its interiors, in the architectural build of the houses and in the hinterland away from its coastal areas. Speaking of cuisine, goa’s cuisine is an amalgamation of culture just like the city.

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From its local staple food to Portugal influenced cuisine goa has it all. Coming to the part for which goa is most famous for- it’s beaches. They appear to be a shimmering strand of blue and brown laid along the coast of the Arabian Sea. Each of them has developed their own personality and reputation since the hippie days of the sixties. All the beaches differ from each other be it being an expansive spread of sand in the facial of expensive, fancy five-star resorts or hidden crescent cores, where the only footprints will be that of the scuttling crab’s and yours. Goa also has its fair share of historical monuments including the Basilica of Bom Jesus, Aguada Fort, St. Francis of Assisi Church, Tiracol Fort, etc.


In the end, goa is a microcosm of beaches, spirituality, parties, fests, sun, cultures and beliefs. It is a city where people really know how to relax and cool off the heat”.


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