Fashion Terms You Must Know!

Has it ever happened to you that you saw somebody wearing the latest fashion trend and then you spend an entire day searching for things but in vain because you don’t even know what is it called? well, these things can get tricky as there are numerous slangs and foreign words used to describe fashion items. We have created a glossary for the new fashion terms that you must know about.

Fanny packs

Fanny packs are the 90s famous waist bags that are popular again. You can see almost every celebrity flaunting it and fashion bloggers blabbering on how to style them. Besides being in style these utility bags are best when you’re travelling.

Tulle skirts

When you talk of tulle skirts, there’s only one name that does justice to them – Carrie Bradshaw! Her impeccable style and sense of carrying the skirt with obvious elegance and surprising sexiness is unforgettable. And now you know for yourself that these tulle skirts are the best alternative to powerful feminine dressing.

Biker shorts

Biker shorts raised flames back when Princess Diana styled them for her gym looks and now they’re back again. Thanks to Kim Kardashian for letting us know. It’s not just her but nowadays every celebrity makes sure that their style is comfy edgy athleisure inspired.




Turtlenecks are evergreen especially in winters. High folded necks top wear are known as turtlenecks. Usually, it comes in sweaters but it looks cool as a top web or in dresses too.


It’s majorly a summer shoe made of canvas and jute bottom. It’s unbelievably comfortable apart from being cute. Good news, it comes in heels too. So the next time you wear a flower print ruffle summer dress, you know what to pair it with.


This shoe trend dates back to ancient Greek and Roman times. Gladiators were the official footwear they wore because it had the strongest grip on foot. They are strappy sandals with straps as high up till the knee. This was the major inspiration for the now in trend women’s gladiator sandals. They look amazing with a maxi dress, playsuit etc.

Kitten heels

kitten heels are short, narrow heels usually the height of 3.5 cm to 4.75 cm. They became iconic by the grace of the queen of the fashion divas Audrey Hepburn. However, their comeback is to be seen as a drastic footwear fashion revamp.


A beret is the most important accessory in a French girls outfit. These pretty headgears are back and everyone is flaunting them since. Fun fact: they were never gone to France.

the fashion terms are very recent. All women must be aware of the above fashion terms.

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