Dress Shirt Guide For Men

A dress shirt is one of the most important things in a man’s wardrobe. They’re worth investing in. These look classic, you can carry out a casual or a formal look as desired but there are a few things that you need to keep in mind while buying the appropriate dress shirt for you! These rules are as follows:-


The fit of the dress shirt should be perfect. The problem arises here because the problems in fitting can be complicated.

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So, to resolve this issue, I’ll list here how to get the appropriate fit:-


This is an important fit as the game starts from here. The shoulder line of your shirt should fall exactly at the point where your shoulder separates itself from your arm.



This is the next thing that follows. The fit of your sleeves should be such that it only allows you to move your hand, not more than that.


The cuffs of your shirt should tightly hug your wrist but they should move up a bit when you raise your hand. The cuffs of your dress shirt should end exactly at the end of your pisiform bone!

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Your dress shirt should hug your torso but should neither be too tightly nor too loosely. There should not be any wrinkles around the button region as well as the shirt shouldn’t hang away from your chest.

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The length of your shirt should be long enough so that it stays in its position when tucked in. The ideal length is up to the end of your zip.

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You need to identify the kind of fabric you want to go for as each fabric has its own characteristics, caring tips and look. Some of the commonly demanded fabrics are- Oxford, Royal Oxford, Broadcloth, Herringbone and Seersucker.


Numerous kinds of collars are available too, you need to pick the appropriate one for the kind of look you desire and the occasion for which you’re going to wear the shirt. Some of the famous collar styles are- Mandarin, Club, Button-down, Pin, Point, and Tab.

Cuff Style

There are a number of cuff styles available in the market too, you need to pick the one you desire. They are- Single Barrel, Double Barrel, Single French and Double French.


The choice of the color of your dress shirt depends entirely on you. Pick the color that suits you, goes well with your jacket and pants. Though there are some basic color rules- A strictly formal business formality requires a white shirt, for a typical one, you can go with a white dress shirt having light stripes or checks; light colored dress shirts are great for formal business wear and a dress shirt with bright solid color and vivid patterns is great for social and casual occasions.

So, these were all the basic rules that you should follow while buying a dress shirt if you want to look perfectly styled. Hope this blog helped you with your styling game!

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