Conversation Via Textual Methods – ChatBots!

With artificial intelligence in its full swing, chatbots have become a major application across the web. In today’s scenario, almost every other website is offering chatbots for customer services. Many big co-operations and startups have been working all day and night to bring more efficient chatbots. These bots are generally powered by natural language processing and a rigorous machine learning training. One chatbot which created quite a buzz was Google Duplex.


What exactly are ChatBots?

A computer program used to stimulate conversion with humans over internet”.


ChatBots are virtual assistants who communicate with users when a user fires them up. In today’s perspective, almost every website has an integrated bot which pops up with a text box. That text box where one can enter any query is defined as a Chatbot.

How big can chatbots be in future?

Gartner, a global research and advisory firm, has predicted that almost 80% of customer queries will be handled by chatbots.


This means that almost every company dealing with end users directly have to integrate bot service at earliest. Either be replacing call centre or dismantling email based questioning system, we have to bring more and more sophisticated bots for human interactions.

Advantages of using ChatBots

  • Less human resource is required for customer service so bots are cost effective
  • 24X7 availability and less erroneous results


  • High response ratio for organisations as more queries can be processed simultaneously.
  • More concrete data collection can be done via bots and human interaction.

Where are ChatBots being used now?


  • These funny little talkers can be used to amuse people with some conversation.
  • Bots can do booking of appointments, make calls and voice assisted browsing.

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