Bollywood’s Latest Trending Clothes

This year, Bollywood divas have taken fashion one step further. They are slaying red carpets, fashion shows, functions and everyday walk with a style which is sure to make some noise. Here are the top trending Bollywood styles you have to follow.

It’s All About Ruffles

Not only with gowns, but right from tops to sarees, everything has got curves. With the kind of ruffles that speaks elegance, it is a statement which will get you hooked.

Coat on Coat

Everybody loves wearing coats or overcoats, but separately. Have you ever thought of wearing an overcoat on your coat? This year, celebrities are here to give new meaning to style. colour coordinated coats are all there’s to rave about.

Metallic Tradition

Silver sarees are mainstream. But metallic is something new. The divas are attending functions wearing gorgeous metallic saree and turning heads around town, giving us some serious fashion tips.

Ethnic Shoes

Nobody will ever think if pairing up sneakers with a traditional cloth. That’s what Bollywood is all about, thinking out of the box. Celebrities are pairing up Indian clothes with their favourite shoes.

Easy Breezy Kurtas

This summer’s heat is putting pressure of celebs too. They are wearing comfort clothes to stay cool and feel good. But even a basic colourful kurta can also become a style statement and something for us to follow religiously.

An office Twist

The white coloured shirts for office is something trending since generations. But this year, it’s here with a twist. Fun polka dots, dainty prints on a basic white shirt can revamp your old school style completely.


Midway Wrap Skirts

80’s wrap skirts are crawling their way back in. high-waist pencil skirts are a perfect fit to go anywhere. That’s what the celebrity style is all about.

Bow-Tie Scarf

A scarf around the neck is too basic. Try the celeb approved scarfs converted into a bow tie to introduce something unique and irresistible.

A Power Suit

Are pantsuits only for men? No, and this is what our Bollywood divas are here to say! Power to them, a new style of wear is in and giving the command to us girls everywhere.

Kurta and Pant Mis-Match

Instead of leggings or palazzo paired up with kurtas, give some freshness to your clothes a wear Kurtis with matching pants. Something our celebs are crushing upon.


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