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Since 2007, after the launch of first generation iPhone, smartphone battery has been a burning issue. Remember those days with Nokia 3310 having a battery capacity lasting easily for a few days and even a week on standby. Now situation has changed drastically. With the advent of touchscreen phones, the size of display present on a phone has increased rapidly. Also,the display quality is becoming more and more sharp and vivid to the eyes. We are now in the age of having 4K screen on smartphones.


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These AMOLED, POLED and retina displays have been a major factor contributing to drainage of batteries on a phone. An average smartphone doesn’t last over a day or two in spite of having a 4000mah of battery juice. Battery drainage can be optimised at hardware and software levels. This does have a restriction because ultimately, performance can’t be compromised for battery saving. Researchers have been working a lot for handling this trade-off between saving and performance. Many suggested of using two lithium ion batteries instead of one. This has been in use in iPhones for now. Also, we don’t want to hear any more cases like that of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 battery explosion.


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Major development is also happening in order to replace lithium ion batteries with Graphene ones. Graphene is an alloy of carbon which can be used to make super capacitors, that is, fast charging and slow discharging capacitors. This will definitely be a game changer in this field.

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Sodium Sulphur batteries are also making a buzz these days. These will not only bring high capacity but also reduce the risk of explosions occurring due to excessive heating of batteries. Sodium batteries can be easily used in implants present inside our body like in a pacemaker. If in case batteries of these implants leak, then only sodium will be released which will be less toxic to a human body. Adding to these benefits, sodium batteries can be easily recharged even within an implant.

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Only time will tell when these futuristic batteries are going to be implanted in daily use. Still, the development in this field is fascinating. We are not far away from the time when we won’t have to carry a power-bank with us for emergency situations. 5-minute plug in and full charging of phones would be very pleasing to see in the future.

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