Athleisure Wear Guide for Men

Athleisure wear is a beautiful mixture of streetwear and sportswear. This style has been gaining a lot of popularity lately not only because of the stylish looks but also because it is so comfortable. These clothes are made up of a new type of fiber whose quality is pretty superior and so the look is really classy. Apart from common people, celebrities have shown up to events in athleisure wear! So, if you haven’t tried it yet, what are you waiting for? Wait, I have some tips for you before you get your hands on it!


These are a few tips you should follow while dressing for athleisure wear:-

  • A casual outfit can be converted to athleisure wear by simple adding basic sports accessories like- baseball caps and duffle bags.
  • Sneakers are your go-to shoes if you are unable to figure out the appropriate shoes.
  • Replace jeans and suit pants with joggers and chinos.
  • Try to keep the look simple; in case you want a complex style, layering is the best option.
  • Replace your blazer or suit jacket with a bomber jacket!
  • Mix and match your sports outfit with your regular weekend casual outfits.

Now, I’ll list some of the must-have clothing pieces for athleisure:-

Bomber Jackets

This is the most essential athleisure wear. You need to just pull it out with a proper tee for really a cool look. Moreover, it can be used for layering too!

bomber jackets

Casual Trousers

These are the perfect blend of class and comfort. For a streetwear feel, go for casual chinos and for a more athletic feel, you should go for jogger pants. Both of them look equally amazing but there is a slight difference in rules for wearing them, if you’re going for a casual chinos, go for more athletic clothes such as- bomber jacket and nylon upper wear; on the other hand, if you’re wearing jogger pants, you should go for more ready-to-wear pieces.

casual trouser

Crew Neck Jumpers and Sweaters

These come handy during the winters and are pretty comfortable and practical. You can add sports accessories while wearing it.

mens fashion

Polo Tees

These tees are the most versatile and classy clothes that come under athleisure wear. You can pair it up with a suit jacket and go for a classy as well as formal look, with a bomber jacket or without anything over it. These are just classic pieces of clothing.

polo jumpers

Athleisure Bags

These bags look really cool and are compact too. You can go for duffle bags, tote bags or small sized bag packs. These add up to your look!


So, these were all the essentials and tips about the athleisure wear! Hope you get the uttermost comfort and style at the same time!

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