Are you unaware of some amazing health facts ? Then this is the perfect read for you. Some people are really oblivious when it comes to health. Staying unhealthy directly affects one’s life. It hinders a person to work according to their full capacity and hence it affects their performance. To avoid such problems, updating yourself with health needs is the concern of the hour. So let us get acquainted with some surprising health facts.

To cool down, drink something hot

Isn’t it ironical? Yes but this is the truth. When we drink something hot, our body releases sweat to cool down our body temperature. Initially, we feel hot because of the hot liquid but body compensates this heat by releasing sweat and we feel cool after sometimes.

ATM machines and public toilets are equally dirty

This may sound little bizarre, but a study conducted at ATM machines found that the machines have the same number of bacteria as a public toilet. It can also lead to sickness.

Depressed? Have a cup of coffee

We all know that coffee contains caffeine which is considered bad for our health. But researchers at Harvard school of public health found that regular consumers of coffee have a reduced chance of depression.

Optimism reduces heart diseases

Optimism is directly related to less number of heart diseases. A study has shown that people who have a pessimistic attitude are prone to more number of heart diseases. Optimism helps a person to live longer.

Sleep or Money

Would you prefer sleep over money? Researchers have shown that a person is happier when he gets an hour of sleep instead of $60000. An hour of sleep can make you happier than a lot of money. What a strange thing!

These are some astonishing health facts one should be aware of. They are definitely fun to know. We should spread awareness about health as much as possible. So stay aware and spread this awareness too.


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