Arjun Kapoor On His New Found Bond With His Half Sisters

Arjun Kapoor after the demise of Sri Devi found a new bond with his half-sisters Jhanvi and Khushi Kapoor. When Hindustan Times asked him about this new bond he answered,

Does it ever irk you when people say mean things about your bond with Janhvi?

Why would it irk me? It’s something that has been growing and still evolving. I’ve been very honest about it. I’ve not made any pretense saying that we’re a happy family and we’ve sorted everything. So, I don’t care what people think; I just want them [my sisters] to be okay. It’s my job to be a good son to my father and the byproduct of that is I’ve managed to find two more sisters; they allow me to call them my sisters and that’s very large-hearted on their part.

It all started after you clicked a family pic with Janhvi and Khushi at Sonam Kapoor’s wedding. How did that come about?

Arjun Kapoor with father Boney and sisters Janhvi, Anshula and Khushi.

We took that picture together because I felt it was the right thing to do for us to put up a united stand saying we are in it together, to figure it out. That’s the emotion we felt after all that transpired. That’s the only thing we have done as a unit to give you all – an image of saying that we are trying. And that is the truth — we are trying.

You and Janhvi recently shot for a popular talk show. Is it a step towards coming closer?

There’s no knowing when we will actually know each other very well. This talk show gives me time to spend with her, an opportunity to know her as much as you guys will get to know her, ironically. That’s because I’ve not spent too much time with them beyond whatever little I could. But they are very nice kids.

Do you ever wish to go back to the past and undo certain things that happened?

It’s unfortunate that we’ve met in such circumstances. I wish they didn’t have to go through what they’re going through. I don’t wish that for anybody because I’ve seen it and lived it. It’s just gut-wrenching. It breaks your back. Imagine having your backstabbed and then being told to walk; it’s not possible. So, they are going to take their time. And yeah, [getting to know them] it’s a very unique place to be in for me. It has given me a different perspective of life where I have realized there’s more to life than a Friday.

Do you always give work-related advice to Janhvi?

I always tell her when there’s work criticism coming, you’ve to put your head down and accept it if it’s coming from an honest place. The audience is paying money and if they don’t appreciate something we must try and learn.

Being the protective brother, you’ve often shut down trolls who say nasty things about Janhvi’s clothes. Does that come naturally to you?

If somebody goes and hits below the belt, and that gets overtly underlined by an article or two talking about the negative comments — that pisses me off. By doing this, we are empowering the trolls, subconsciously. They live for that reaction and popularity.

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