Alcohol, The Health Hazard

Alcohol is a drug that has a chemical compound called ethanol in it. It is generally prepared by extracting sugar from the pulp and by fermenting the yeast. Grape pulp is used in the preparation of wine. Grains like barley/wheat/rye is used for making beer. Sugar extracted from potato, corn or any other pulp is used in the preparation of vodka.




Alcohol is consumed worldwide. But,which country has the highest alcohol consumption? Belarus ranks first in the alcohol consumption. Nearly 50% of the Americans consume alcohol, out of which 1 in 10 people are affected by brain impairments. Approximately 88,000 US citizens die of alcoholism.


Alcoholics generally can be classified into three types. Occasional drinker, Moderate drinker &Chronic drinker.

Is alcohol good or bad for you?

Occasional and moderate drinking of alcohol has many health benefits. It burns fat, prevents cold, diabetics and cures many cardiovascular diseases. But since it is a depressant, regular over-consuming it may become poisonous.

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What alcohol does to your brain?

Alcohol affects almost all parts of the body. When it gets into the bloodstream, it could easily reach the brain and affect the central nervous system. It also inhibits the neurotransmitters (chemical messengers that transmit the signal). Alcohol generally can cause brain problems like vision and speech problem, memory impairments, difficulty in walking etc. Heavy consumption of alcohol for over a period of time increases the anxiety disorder and can even damage the nerve cells. It can also shrink the brain tissue and cause thiamine deficiency.

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How long does alcohol stay in your brain?

Usually the liver can process one glass of pure alcohol in one hour. So, it is said that one glass of alcohol, usually denoted as one ounce of alcohol stays in our brain almost for an hour. Hence, it is suggested that moderately having one glass of alcohol per day will help us in maintaining our health.


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Can 18-year-olds drink?

A recent survey tells that more than 50% of the American high school students consume alcohol. They are not much aware of the negative consequences of alcohol. Most of the fatal accidents are due drink and drive, out of which ¼ th are teenagers. It is illegal for the people to drink under the age of 21 except for a law which allows them in the presence of their parent or guardian. But, it is strictly prohibited for children under five.


They have a high risk of getting affected by alcoholism. We should realize that it is the responsibility of eachone of us to safeguard the future generation from these kinds of life sucking activities.



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