Style Guideline for Men for the Corporate Work Life

  1. Everyone wants to look good nowadays! We all want to look stylish, no matter what lifestyle we choose. So, no one wants to look completely corporate, not even the people who have a corporate life. So, this blog is dedicated to mens fashion clothing for work.


There is a way to look simple yet sophisticated and have a corporate yet modern tinge to it. Men can be stylish as well as look corporate at the same time. For this, they just have to follow these simple tricks:

  • Always wear pants which aren’t skin fit but have a narrow bottom. If you are unable to find the perfect fit, just buy the appropriate bottom wear and get it tailored.
  • The fitting of the pant must be such that it ends at your ankle or just above your ankle.
  • If you’ve a well maintained physique, wear tight shirts or t-shirts. Else, go for regular fit upper wears.
  • Always wear a watch that suits your outfit!
  • Since many of the corporate sectors now allow beards, always keep stubble bear

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  • Do keep a collection of stylish attires and formal shoes. Keep your shoes the most expensive part of your clothing. Shoes always add class to your style! Good shoes always have that extraordinary shine that just makes you look insanely good! To add to it, many social experiments also claim that shoes actually determine how your first impression will be.
  • Try to buy shoes that don’t require wearing socks or take a pair of socks that are short. This is so because, you should always wear bottom wear that is a little above the ankle or is of the ankle length and if you wear it, then your socks will definitely show if you don’t wear boots. So, this is the need of sock-less shoes or short socks.
  • Always match your belts and shoes. If not same shade, try to wear shades that are one or two shades darker or lighter.

This was all about the tips. Now, we’ll list a few outfits that are our personal favorites:

  • Navy Blue Chinos + White Shirt + Black Dress Shoes



  • White Shirt + Trouser + Leather Slip on Loafers

corporate ambience

  • White Polo T-Shirt + Khakhi Chinos + White Sneakers


  • Blue Suit + Brown Dress Shoes

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