A Classic Leather Jacket Guide

Finally, the winters are here or better called the ‘Leather Weather’. So, the topic of the guide must have gotten crystal clear to you, right?

Few clothing items put a special sense of attitude, heritage or unfiltered masculinity such as a leather jacket. A proper and quality leather jacket will last for like forever. Plus, it never goes out of fashion and it is very versatile.


A leather jacket is a classic piece of men’s outerwear fashion. Whether it was the biker gangs of the 50s, or the punk bands of the 70s, this item of clothing has stood the test of time. So, a leather jacket must be chosen very carefully as it is the key element in your wardrobe that will give you a ‘hunky’ look this winter.

So here are different types of leather jackets:

Biker jacket

It is a cropped leather jacket full of accessories like studs and asymmetric zips. This gives out immense manly vibes. This jacket can also be used as a replacement for blazer to secure a semi-formal look. You can go with an Oxford shirt, a tie and a biker jacket. This semi-formal look is one of my favorites as it stands exactly between hunky and a classy look.

david beckham

This image depicts the semi-formal look we are talking about.

Bomber Jacket

These jackets are usually put on to give a simple minimalistic look. It has a simple shape having a straight zip with fitted waists and cuffs. You can use it as a daily wear as they are comparatively cheaper to the other styles of a leather jacket.


Racer Jacket

It is also called ‘Café Racer’ It is a minimalistic jacket to showcase wide shoulders and has a button at the neck. This one worn with a pair of sneakers and jeans gives you the ultimate barbaric look you have been looking for. We personally prefer dark brown colored racer jackets as they are very versatile and look insanely awesome.

man in jacket

Flight Jacket

This jacket was originally created for pilots. It has fur all around the neck and sometimes around the cuff too. It is really warm. It is not to be styled way too much. You must always keep minimalistic layering with this jacket because it is itself styled enough. It can also be used to replace a blazer to get a semi-formal look. So yes, it is versatile enough!


Field Jacket

This is one of the most underrated jackets. It is slightly longer than all other styles of jackets and has two pockets at the front. It gives you a vintage look. It often has a belted waist and is a classic pair of outfit when combined with Chelsea boots.

lethaer jackets

These were all the styles of leather jackets available in the market. Choose one according to your personality, physique and depending on the look you want. No matter which one you choose, you’ll look smart and stylish. Personal recommendation, Café Racer jacket is well suited for college boys, Bomber for all the young peeps out there, biker and flight for all the men of any age group and Field jacket goes well with men who are 30 and can carry it well.

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